August 18, 2012


Young people from around the World learned about borders and culture

20 young people from around the world are currently participating in a ten-day Peace and Tolerance Camp in Sønderborg hosted by Sønderborg Student Foundation.
Yesterday, the participants were invited to a workshop on border regions and the candidacy of Sønderborg for Sønderjylland-Schleswig's for European Capital of Culture S2017.
Secretary General of the Association of European Border Regions, AEBR, Martin Guillermo Ramirez, spoke with young people about multiculturalism in the border region.

Especially in border regions, it is important that multiculturalism is well functioning, stated Martin Guillermo Ramirez:
- If co-operation across the border does not work, it affects people on both sides. Their well-being is dependent on their ability to communicate with each other. And European integration depends on it to work, since the seeds to grow social cohesion within people in Europe lie in the border regions.

The talk of the Secretary General developed into a debate where in particular participants from Russia and Ukraine eagerly described the situation in their respective countries.

After the debate the young people took part in an intercultural session with a 2017-twist. The participants from all corners of the World learned about the visions based in culture, that Sønderborg for Sønderjylland-Schleswigs is presenting for the European Capital of Culture 2017.
The session was based on the three C's that form the underlying structure of the artistic programme of Sønderborg2017: Connect - Confront - Celebrate.
The objective was to make the participants communicate across their cultures and to get make them look at their own culture in a new perspective.
Thus, after two days in Sønderborg the participants of the Peace and Tolerance Camp are quite well informed about what is happening in the city with regard to the capital of culture. Not the least in the coming week this will be evident in the city, since Thursday four of the jury members of the European Capital of Culture will visit Sønderborg, and Friday in Copenhagen the jurypanel will announce its decision to recommend either Aarhus or Sønderborg for Sønderjylland Jutland-Schleswig for the title.



The Secretary General of the Association of European
Border Regions, AEBR, Martin Guillermo Ramirez