August 28, 2012



Sønderborg retains S2017 budget in 2013 to help further goals

Even though Sønderborg missed out on the European Capital of Culture 2017 title, the city council is determined to remain focused on its cultural investment strategy in order to promote growth and bring more jobs to the region. The aim remains to create Europe’s leading trans-national cultural region in South Jutland.

That’s why the council has dedicated a 6 million Kroner budget to S2017 cultural initiatives in 2013. That was the project’s budget prior to the jury’s decision last Friday, and that remains the budget today. The decision was taken by a unanimous town council after a two-day municipal budget seminar.

The council’s commitment puts Sønderborg at the forefront of efforts to realise as much of the cultural capital project as possible. Before the end of the year, the council will discuss which projects to develop in the coming year as well as inviting bid partners to discuss continued cultural collaboration.


Broad agreement

A unanimous council will ensure that the extensive private investment that has gone into Sønderborg’s harbour area will be supplemented by the municipal construction of a multi-purpose cultural venue.

A unanimous town council is also ready to dedicate fresh funds to energy-efficiency renovations to municipal buildings, an initiative in which 86 DKKM has been invested in the last three years alone. This represents a continued commitment to the council’s goal of achieving CO² neutrality by 2029. A significant proportion of the funds in question will go towards investments in solar panels.

Additionally, the council has dedicated funds to an infrastructure investment fund to further strengthen commercial and tourism initiatives in Nordals.