Is provincial life lame? Is nothing going on? Are you young? Join The Movement of Doing Something About It. We’ll make it happen. Actually cool things do already happen outside the big cities even now and then. Be part of this claim. Tell us what you want more of, and what you would set up yourselves!
It’s young people who make things happen, and we've got a site for you to help create a future for Sønderborg, the border region and provincial cities all over Europe. Check it out HERE

Do you want to move to a big city to study or just travel and experience the world? That’s cool. But maybe it’s also alright to stay in a province and then ship out later. There are also exciting education opportunities here, and you can get an awesome job and an affordable house with nature just a stone’s throw away. 

There are actually loads of awesome people here, and loads of great things you can do in your spare time. There are world class concerts, events and art projects in Sønderborg and the border region. If we’re elected European Capital of Culture 2017, it’ll be totally mental. It’s like the Olympics for cities, and right now Sønderborg and the border region are in the final, up against Aarhus. The decision will be made on the 24th of August this year.

Sønderborg and the border region really want to be chosen so that we can actually do something with the title!We want to make this an even more awesome place to live. But it’s up to you. Are you going to help get the ball rolling? What do you think needs doing?

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