To be Capital of Culture is not only about opera and art exhibits, it is also about the strong sense of community in both local environments, in the clubs and NGO’s and at work. The culture of everyday life is at the centre, and the region’s greatest assets in the effort to create growth are the people that live here, the citizens. New forms of co-operation and events come to existence and continue to develop until the culmination in 2017.

Of course our focus is to obtain the honor for Sønderborg and the South Denmark/North Germany region becoming Capital of Culture, but the main goal is to develop more cooperation and strengthen the sense of community.
It is always worthwhile to try something different to inspire and strengthen the region. Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas or contact S2017 to hear about the opportunities to get involved.
These are some examples:

  • 2017 idea: Please submit your idea on behalf of you personally or on behalf of your organisation. 
  • 2017 Ambassador: Would you like to help us spread the message about S2017? Please contact us and we will provide you with information material etc. 
  • 2017 Volunteer: Would you like to help us carry out practical duties? Please contact us and tell us what kind of duties you are ready to do. 
  • 2017 Partner: Shops, businesses, organisations and clubs who support S2017 financially or by other means automatically become members of CLUB 2017. Logos and link are put on the partner site. 
    Also you are welcome to display the S2017 logos. Downloads from the buttom of this site. 

 2017 Idea
 2017 Ambassador
 2017 Volunteer
 2017 Partnership