10. februar 2012


On Thursday afternoon at Sønderborghus, the people behind the program for 2017 were introduced. 2017 will not only be a year of high culture and abstract art. It will also be a year that involves many local people and that will change our own and others' perception of Sønderborg.

The program for 2017 must be rooted in the local life, and the Cultural Capital year will primarily be full of projects and events for the city and from the city - for people in the local area and with people from these parts. Sue McCauley from Australia empathized this when she invited local enthusiasts and cultural participants to an inspiring afternoon with focus on the program for the Capital of Culture year of 2017.

Sue has come here to develop and create the program for 2017, which will be included in the final application from Sønderborg to become Capital of Culture in 2017. She has gained qualifications from several large community projects around the world, and she is specialized in citizen involvement. She has both feet planted just as firmly on the ground as the average Southern Jutlander, and the only Danish word she knows so far is the greeting "mojn". However, she fell easily into conversation with the attendees, who were just as curious to meet her as she was to meet them.

On Thursday afternoon, the Creative Director for 2017, Sue McCauley from Australia (left), met Rasmus Kikkenborg Nielsen and Pernille Sørensen (right) from Produktionshøjskole (Production School). They are both ambassadors for the project TMODSAI: The Movement Of Doing Something About It, which they hope can become part of the program for 2017.

- I'm tired of reading emails and talking on the phone. I've really been looking forward to meeting you and hearing about the projects and events, you're so passionate about, Sue said in her presentation of herself and her visions for 2017.

Sue aims to create a program for 2017 with about 60 program events that can consist of both events for a single afternoon and projects that extend over several months.

- One of the key words for Sønderborg 2017 is "confrontation". Does this mean that we're aggressive? No, it's because art has an edge. We want confrontational and innovative events and projects that become entrenched and live on in 2018 and years to come. Let's be a little "risky", let's challenge ourselves and work with people, we didn't think we could work with, Sue said before turning off the mike to mingle amidst the canapés and wine glasses.

Milestones in 2012:

  • The final application to the international jury is submitted on June 15. Part of the application is a program for 2017.
  • On August 23, the jury will visit Sønderborg and talk to people on the street to hear about their opinion of the project, among other things.
  • On August 24, the jury will decide whether Aarhus or Sønderborg will be European Capital of Culture in 2017.